Mason Fluty

 Help Mason get his digits. Help him hold a pencil, brush his teeth and wiggle his toes in the sand.

Check out Mason's progress after his Surgery!

Next Surgery is set for Sept 6th!

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- even simple fundraisers

 Help Mason Reach his goal!!! 

 Thanks for all your support so far!

With all of your HELP we have raised $56,500!! We are so close to Mason's goal!!



 Thank you

To the many Mason fans who came through for him and provided baskets, gift cards and merchandise for the 73 raffle baskets and 14 silent auction items. We live in an amazingly generous community!


A HUGE Thank You to A Magical Place for donating their Venue and being an amazing host for Mason's dinner!

Thanks so much to the businesses and community members listed below with you none of this would be possible!

Donation Checks Can be made to : Mason Fluty  

Tax ID # 582482824 For the Apert Internaltional Inc.

 Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser

Thank you community,

we raised $1,700 for Mason!!!

Mason Fluty was born on 7/8/2011, with a rare medical condition called "Apert Syndrome". . The basic characteristics of "Apert" are all bones in the skull becoming fused in the womb, craniosynostosis, accompanied with the fingers and toes being fused together, called syndactlia. It is a chromosomal disorder, which the 10th chromosome becomes mutated in the child at conception. The condition causes the premature fusing of certain skull bones called craniosynostosis. This prevents the skull from growing normally and affects the shape of the head and face. It also causes syndactyly or fused fingers and toes.

 Although his fingers and toes are fused, he has all of his bones. Unfortunately, the State of California will not pay for Mason to have the out of state surgery to give him ten fingers and ten toes. The family and their community are pulling together to raise the $75,000 to give Mason his digits. Dr. Jeffrey Fearon of the Craniofacial Center in Dallas, Texas has agreed to reduce his costs and the hospital costs by 85% to help Mason.

Mason is fully able to live a fully functional, typical life as a child doing the simple things kids do...throw balls, write with a pencil, pick his nose; things that we all take for granted as long as he can have his fingers released.

Mason and His Brothers on Easter 2012 a few days after his FIRST Finger release surgery! He is doing GREAT and recovering amazing! Nothing Keeps a smile off this lil mans face!  He keeps on hitting his milestones of scooting around, sitting on his own and rolling over!   


Double High Five THANKYOU's to all of the support, donations, time, and effort that was given on Mason's behalf for the Fundraiser Dinner! Successful doesn't even begin to describe how amazing the evening went.

GREAT NEWS we have raised enough money so far to cover Mason's first surgery!

The love and support is overhwhelming are we are forever greatful!


Thank you to Hunan House, Frank Roa, Tom Stribling & Paul for helping to raise $4,700

Thank you to Texas Roadhouse and Rose Rodacker with the help of City Administration for raising $1,380

Thank you to the City of Galt employees for raising another $1,100 in candy sales and donations


Join Us

Whether you are a lifetime advocate or new to our cause, we invite you to join us. We welcome new ideas and value enthusiasm from members and volunteers, new and old.


If you would like to donate online through paypal or directly to Mason's account please contact Casey Freitas.

775-720-1013 or

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